Weekly Adventures in the Nentir Vale...

Week 2

Our brave band of explorers found themselves in a jail cell by the Knight’s tower in the city of Fallcrest. They seemed to have wandered into town at the same time that a ferry carrying a magical rod was hijacked by the River Rats…a gang of thieves and hijackers known for their savvy at finding the right boats with the right shipments to pilfer from. The Lord Warden tells them they are free to go, but if they wish to remain in Fallcrest they must find info on the theft of the rod and the possible capture and identification of the the thieves. After swallowing poultry of the female variety, the party finds itself in the Lucky Gnome Taphouse where they met many an unsavory character, among them the great mystic sage and all seeing eye of infinity: Hugo Rune. After making acquaintence of the landlord, Kelson, and the local dwarven fence, Damar. The heroes arrange to have Baron Stockmer leave the premises along with his two guards in an attempt to prove loyalty to Kelson. Kelson wishes them then to arrange a little hijacking to prove their worth, and asks the party to seize a box coming into town in a carriage that is headed towards the trading house of House Azaer.

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